Traffic Management Planning

Let us make your job easier

We are here to take the hassle out of Traffic Management Planning and make your job easier.

Traffic Control Innovations specialise in the preparation of detailed Traffic Management Plans specifically suited to our Clients specific needs. Traffic Control Innovations use the latest Traffic Management planning software to ensure that our Traffic Management Plans meet the Australian Standards. The Traffic Management Plan is designed specifically to your site, activity and traffic environment.

Our experienced planners are fully qualified and able to understand the requirements of each Client. Our Traffic Management Plans follow all regulations and are designed to facilitate the permit approval process. Here at Traffic Control Innovations we provide everything you need for any project from Police or Council permits,  traffic control crews to simple signs and equipment.


Our methodology is governed by a Traffic Management Plan and associated Traffic Guidance Schemes for each project, the QLD Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995, Transport Operations Regulation 2005 (Road Use Management Accreditation and other Provisions), the Department of Transport and Main Roads Queensland Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices Part 3 (Works on Roads) and the ‘Approved Procedure for Controlling Traffic’ as issued by the Transport and Main Roads Department.

Project Outcomes, Challenges & Environment Scope

We will liaise with your senior site management, conduct regular toolbox meetings and mandatory daily pre-start meetings to help meet the project obligations and challenges. Our company priority is to maintain a smooth and incident free traffic flow of construction and public vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and all non-motorized vehicles around a project site.

Design Documentation Compliance

All of Traffic Control Innovations designs and traffic management plans meet the highest safety standards and comply with the QMUTCD.